Article March 8, 2018

The Conclusion of the Sruti About Brahm
na tatra suryo bhati candra-tarakam
nema vidyuto bhanti kuto ‘yamagni
tameva bhantam anubhati sarvam
tasya bhasa sarvam idam vibhati
In the transcendental abode of the Lord there is no need of sun, moon, or stars for illumination, nor is there any need of electricity, what to speak of lamps. All of them get their power of illumination from the Lord’s effulgence alone. In fact the whole universe exists only because of His existence. (Katha Upanisad 2.2.15)
hiranmayena patrena satyasyapihitam mukham
tat tvam pusann-apavrnu satya-dharmaya drstaye
O my Lord, sustainer of all that lives, Your real face is covered by Your dazzling effulgence. Please remove that effulgent covering and show Yourself to Your pure devotee. (Isopanisad 15)
pusann akarye yama surya prajapatya
vyuha-rasmin samuha tejo
yat te rupam kalyanatamam tat te pasyami
yo ‘sav asau purusah so ‘ham asmi
O my Lord! O primeval philosopher, maintainer of the universe. O regulating principle, destination of the pure devotees, well-wisher of mankind please remove the effulgence of Your transcendental rays, so that I can see Your form of bliss. You are the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead, like unto the sun, as am I. (Isopanisad 16)

यज्ज्ञात्वा न पुनर्मोहमेवं यास्यसि पाण्डव ।
येन भुतान्यशेषेण द्रक्ष्यस्यात्मन्यथो मयि ॥

भावार्थ : जिसको जानकर फिर तू इस प्रकार मोह को नहीं प्राप्त होगा तथा हे अर्जुन! जिस ज्ञान द्वारा तू सम्पूर्ण भूतों को निःशेषभाव से पहले अपने में (गीता अध्याय 6 श्लोक 29 में देखना चाहिए।) और पीछे मुझ सच्चिदानन्दघन परमात्मा में देखेगा। (गीता अध्याय 6 श्लोक 30 में देखना चाहिए।)॥35॥

And when you have thus learned the truth, you will know that all living beings are but part of Me—and that they are in Me, and are Mine.


The result of receiving knowledge from a self-realized soul, or one who knows things as they are, is learning that all living beings are parts and parcels of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krsna. The sense of a separated existence from Krsna is called maya (ma—not, ya—this). Some think that we have nothing to do with Krsna, that Krsna is only a great historical personality and that the Absolute is the impersonal Brahman. Factually, as it is stated in the Bhagavad-gita, this impersonal Brahman is the personal effulgence of Krsna. Krsna, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is the cause of everything. In the Brahma-samhita it is clearly stated that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the cause of all causes. Even the millions of incarnations are only His different expansions. Similarly, the living entities are also expansions of Krsna. The Mayavadi philosophers wrongly think that Krsna loses His own separate existence in His many expansions. This thought is material in nature. We have experience in the material world that a thing, when fragmentally distributed, loses its own original identity. But the Mayavadi philosophers fail to understand that Absolute means that one plus one is equal to one, and that one minus one is also equal to one. This is the case in the absolute world.

For want of sufficient knowledge in the absolute science, we are now covered with illusion, and therefore we think that we are separate from Krsna. Although we are separated parts of Krsna, we are nevertheless not different from Him. The bodily difference of the living entities is maya, or not actual fact. We are all meant to satisfy Krsna. By maya alone Arjuna thought that the temporary bodily relationship with his kinsmen was more important than his eternal spiritual relationship with Krsna. The whole teaching of the Gita is targetted toward this end: that a living being, as His eternal servitor, cannot be separated from Krsna, and his sense of being an identity apart from Krsna is called maya. The living entities, as separate parts and parcels of the Supreme, have a purpose to fulfill. Having forgotten that purpose, since time immemorial they are situated in different bodies, as men, animals, demigods, etc. Such bodily differences arise from forgetfulness of the transcendental service of the Lord. But when one is engaged in transcendental service through Krsna consciousness, one becomes at once liberated from this illusion. One can acquire such pure knowledge only from the bona fide spiritual master and thereby avoid the delusion that the living entity is equal to Krsna. Perfect knowledge is that the Supreme Soul, Krsna, is the supreme shelter for all living entities, and giving up such shelter, the living entities are deluded by the material energy, imagining themselves to have a separate identity. Thus, under different standards of material identity, they become forgetful of Krsna. When, however, such deluded living entities become situated in Krsna consciousness, it is to be understood that they are on the path of liberation, as confirmed in the Bhagavatam: muktir hitvanyatha rupam svarupena vyavasthitih. Liberation means to be situated in one's constitutional position as the eternal servitor of Krsna (Krsna consciousness).