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The Body of the Lord is Transcendental Substance
isvarera shri-vigraha sac-cid-anandakara
se-vigrahe kaha sattva-gunera vikara
shri-vigraha ye na mane, sei ta’ pasandi
adrsya asprsya, sei haya yama-dandi
The Lord’s transcendental form is eternal, full of bliss and knowledge. Those who don’t properly regard the Deity of the Lord are atheists. The Lord never reveals Himself to such persons, but remains invisible. After death such men are punished by Yamaraja. (Cc. Madhya 6.166,167)
The Name and Form of the Lord
‘nama’, ‘vigraha’, ‘svarupa’ tina eka-rupa
tine ‘bheda’ nahi, tina ‘cid-ananda-rupa’
deha-dehira, nama-namira krsne nahi ‘bheda’
jivera dharma nama-deha-svarupe ‘vibheda’
ataeva krsnera ‘nama’, ‘deha’, ‘vilasa’
prakrtendriya-grahya nahe, haya sva-prakasa
The Lord’s holy name, form, and personality are all one and the same. There is no difference between them. Since all of them are absolute, they are transcendentally blissful. There is no difference between Krishna’s body and Himself, nor between His name and Himself. For conditioned souls everything is different. One’s name is different from one’s body, from one’s original form, and so on. The holy name of Krishna, as well as His body and His pastimes cannot be understood by the blunt material senses; they are self-manifest. (Cc. Madhya 17.131,132,134)


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