Krishna-Tattva : Krishna is the Original Person


Krishna is the Original Person
avatara saba purusera kala, amsa
svayam-bhagavan krishna sarva-avatamsa
krishna eka sarvasraya, krishna sarva-dhama
krsnera sarire sarva-visvera visrama
svayam bhagavan krishna, krishna sarvasraya
parama isvara krishna sarva-sastre kaya
All the incarnations of Godhead are plenary portions or parts of the plenary portions of the purusavataras, but the primeval Lord is Shri Krishna. He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the fountainhead of all incarnations. He is the shelter and abode of everything all the universes rest in His body. Thus Shri Krishna is the primeval Lord, the source of all other expansions. This is proclaimed in all the revealed scriptures. (Cc. Adi. 2.70,94,106)


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