Krishna-Tattva: The Conclusion of Brahma-samhita


The Conclusion of Brahma-samhita
yasya prabha prabhavato jagad-anda-koti-
kotisv asesa-vasudhadi vibhuti-bhinnam
tad brahma niskalam anantam asesa-bhutam
govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami
I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, whose effulgence is the source of the nondifferentiated Brahman which is mentioned in the Upanisads, and which, being differentiated from the infinity of glories of the mundane universe, appears as the indivisible, infinite, and limitless truth. Millions and millions of universes emanate from that Brahman effulgence, which is infinite, causeless, and unlimited. That Brahman effulgence is simply the light emanating from the brilliant form of the Supreme Lord Govinda. (Brahma-samhita 5.40)


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