Radhanath Swami: Only True Pleasure of the Heart


Every living being is inherently seeking pleasure and the only true pleasure of the heart is the pleasure of love.  This is something that universally everyone has in common.  Everyone is seeking the pleasure of love.  And the origin of that experience is the soul’s love for God.  When we forget our love for God we seek that experience in so many directions but never completely satisfied.  But when our propensity for love is once again reposed in the supreme object of all love, the all attractive Lord of all living beings, then we find true fulfillment and eternal joy.
Its not that we have to change our life but we have to change our consciousness to a consciousness that connects us to God through devotion in whatever we do.  The greatest problem in the world is pollution within the ecology of our hearts – to clean that ecology, to free ourselves from the pollutants of lust, envy, greed, pride, illusion and anger. That is absolutely necessary.  Because if we are not solving the problem within our own heart, we are going to be part of the problem within this world.  So the universal principle of all spiritual paths is to clean the heart by chanting God’s names, by offering prayer and by utilizing our talents in a spirit of devotion.  In that way we clean our own hearts and we can clean the spiritual ecology of the world. – Radhanath Swami


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