The Lover, the Beloved and the Divine Love!(Contd.)

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To whatever realm we attach the mind, we will attain the property of that realm.  If we attach it to God, we will attain His Divine property of unlimited Knowledge and Bliss.  Many souls loved Shree Krishna selfishly, not knowing Him to be God.

गोप्यः कामात् भयात्कंसो द्वेषाच्चैद्यादयो नृपाः ।


Some gopis loved Shree Krishna the way a worldly woman loves a man.  Kansa’s mind was absorbed in Him through fear.  Many loved Him as a relative.  But, whether you rub the touchstone against iron lovingly or strike it in anger, the result will be the same.  Iron will turn into gold.  In the same way, with whatever emotion you attach your mind to God, you will get a Divine result. 


Loving the world leads us back to this world.  “Do you love your father?”  “Yes.”  “Do you know that you could possibly become a dog in your next life?”  “Why?”  “If your father has committed such sins that he gets the body of a dog in his next life, your devotion to him will take you into the same species.”  “Why should that happen?  I have just been devoted to my father.”  “The spiritual law is that you will have to go wherever your father goes.” 

यांति देवव्रता देवान् पितृन् यांति पितृव्रताः ।

भूतानि यांति भूतेज्या यांति मद्याजिनोऽपि माम् ॥


“After death you will attain the personality to whom you are attached.”  An advanced gyani like Jad Bharat had to become a deer in his next life because of his attachment to a baby deer.  He took pity on a little fawn that he found floating down the stream, and he started nursing it.  These days you see old ladies with their grandchildren in their laps.  If you ask them, “What do you do nowadays?  All your responsibilities are over; your children are now married.  How much time do you spend on devotion?”  “I don’t do any devotion.  I have my own three little Gopals (little Shree Krishnaas).  Well, actually they are the Gopals of my Gopal.  My son’s children.   I am busy with them.  They talk their baby talk.  They are so cute, so naughty.”  When someone pays attention to her child, the mother becomes ecstatic.  “O how much they  care for my child!”  Is it possible for someone to love anyone’s child other than one’s own?  When people show love for another’s child, they are only putting on an act.  And  mothers get fooled by their behavior, thinking that the person loves their  child so much.  But these grandmothers actually become attached and start worrying about  their grandchildren.  Of course, this is not surprising.  An advanced soul like Jad Bharat became attached to a deer.  As a result, he had to become a deer in the next life.  So there are no exceptions to this rule.  This is the challenge of the scriptures: after death, you will attain to which you were attached while living.  Therefore, those who love God and the Guru will attain Divine results.  This is also an absolute certainty by the same law.


Shukdeo explained this very thing to Pareekshit 

क्वेमाः स्त्रियो वनचरीव्र्यभिचार दुष्टाः कृष्णे क्वचैष परमात्मनि रुढभावः ।

नन्वीश्वरोऽनुभजतोऽविदुषोऽपि साक्षाच्छेयस्तनोत्यगदराज इवोपयुक्तः ॥


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