The Lover, the Beloved and the Divine Love!

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The Lover, the Beloved and the Divine Love!


There are three entities: the lover, the Beloved and love.  That which unites the lover and the Beloved, is called love.  In other words, love is the intimate union of the lover and the Beloved.  You know the meaning of the word ‘lover.’  And the ‘Beloved’ is he towards whom love is directed. 


            You may be thinking, “I have always known this because I have loved countless mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives and children in infinite lives.”  But no, you have never known what love is.  You have never accepted the definition of love, nor have you ever loved anyone.  If you think you have, you are mistaken.  There is neither any lover nor any Beloved in the world, and as long as one is under maya, it is not possible to be either, even if one endeavors for countless lifetimes.  Why?  Because the definition of the word “Beloved” is so profound that it cannot apply to anyone in the material world.  “Beloved” means “one who is a treasure-house of Divine love,” and the person who begs for this love from the “Beloved,” is the “lover.”  No one who is under the control of maya, not even Indra, the king of heaven, possesses true love.  Seeing that no one is worthy of becoming the Beloved, who will then become the lover?  And if someone does become a lover, without a proper Beloved, what will one gain?  You can only gain from a person what he himself possesses. 

                You can acquire wisdom only from the wise.  You can gain wealth only from the wealthy.  If someone has no wealth, what can you get from him, even if  he gives all that he has?  You can hope all you want, but all that worldly people have to offer is broken begging bowls.  They are beggars themselves, devoid of love, even if they hold such exalted positions as those of Indra, Kuber, Varun, and Yamraj.  What then to speak of ordinary human beings!  The celestial gods may have extraordinary powers compared to humans, but they do not possess love.  And it is love that our soul is craving.  How then can we get it from material personalities, even if they wish to bestow it upon us?


       However, the entire world is bent on deception.  Everyone claims to be the “Beloved.”  Whether it is mother and son, husband and wife, or some other mutual relationship, everyone is bent on deceiving the other by taking on the mantle of “Beloved.”  But, without possessing love, no one can occupy the seat of “Beloved.”  Then what can you gain by becoming the “lover” of such a false “Beloved?”  Since eternal time, we have taken countless births in the 8.4 million species of life, and have been begging for love and love alone.  We have begged for it from mother, father, husband, wife and children.  Everyone has said, “Here, take it from me.  I have a storehouse of love for you.”  But, they do not even know what love is, what to speak of possessing it.


     This treasure called “love,” is the property only of Saints.  By Saints, I mean those who have received the power called “love” from some “lover” of God.  God does not transmit this power directly.  Pay close attention to this point.  From where can you get love?  The Divine Beloved does not bestow love Himself.  Radha and Krishna are the treasuries of love, but they do not distribute it themselves.  It is given by the lovers of God.  No individual soul can have direct contact with Radha-Krishna.  It is impossible.  Only a rasikSaint can bestow it upon a surrendered soul.  Then this soul, in turn, bestows it upon other surrendered souls. 


    In Uddhao leela, Shree Krishna did not bestow Divine love upon Uddhao.  He was bound by His eternal law, which relegates this authority to His devotees, or Saints.  But He was concerned about how his friend could receive Divine love.  The ultimate authorities of Divine love are the gopis.  So, He sent Uddhao to them and Uddhao accepted the gopis as his Gurus.  Not the type of guru who recites a mantra in the ear of the disciple.  The Guru must possess Divine love, and the disciple should be completely surrendered to the Guru, completely purified from within.  Only then does diksha, the transfer of Divine love, take place.  A guru who does not have Divine love, is an impostor.  You see such impostors deceiving people by giving diksha, or initiation, by whispering a mantra in the ear.  They are so anxious to increase the number of disciples that they give a mantra to anyone who comes along.  Just think!  To enter law school, you must gain eligibility by first obtaining a B.A. degree.  Similarly, to receive Divine love, we must also be qualified.  And these “gurus” consider everyone a candidate for Divine love!  Anyone who comes to them can become a disciple.  What do these gurus give?  A mantra  And what happens after that?  The person remains the same as before.  He is still under the control of maya.  He still has desire, anger, pride, envy, and greed intact.  If the disciple did not get Divine bliss, if he did not see God, then what did themantra do?  This type of guru should be shot.  He is a demon and he has deceived you. in the ear.


When a house is constructed, the electrical fittings are properly installed – the bulbs, fans and so on, before the power house makes its connection and gives its power.  Now the light bulbs and fans start functioning.  If they do not function, then the power house has deceived you.  And if you insist that this is not the case, then why was the connection given?  What is the need for the guru to give a special mantra, and that too, to an unqualified person?  There is no mantra greater than the name of Radha-Krishna, nor can there ever be.  That is my challenge.  What name will the guru give to anyone?  If I say in Hindi, “O Ram, I bow down to You,” the teachers of these sects say, “No! No!  Recite the Sanskrit mantra “aum ram ramaya namah.”  What is this?  Is there the same problem of language in God’s kingdom as there exists in our world?  In certain places in South India, they do not want to accept the Hindi language, and so create an uproar over its usage.  They insist on using regional languages only.   Does God want to be addressed in Sanskrit only?  And do you think He objects if you say the same thing in Bengali, Punjabi, or some other language?  Do you think He would say, “This is not a mantra.  This is not My name.”  Look at the ignorance that exists in the world today!  A lot of people say, “My Guru Ji has come directly from Golok.”  “When he made you his disciple, what did he give you?”  “He gave me a mantra.”  “What did he give you along with the mantra?”  “He gave me nothing else.”  “There is a power that he is supposed to give you along with the mantra; a power called ‘Divine love.’  The moment this power enters within, you instantaneously attain God and become free from maya forever.  You can claim your guru to be someone even greater than God, but that will amount to nothing, unless he is a genuine Saint who has attained Divine love.”  And, if he is one you will have to have the eligibility - a mind that is completely pure - for him to make you a disciple.  You must have heard that Shankaracharya accepted very few disciples in his entire life and that too after severely testing them and engaging them in intense spiritual practice.  When their minds were completely purified, only then did he give them initiation.  After the disciple receives Divine Love from the guru, there is nothing further to be done.  If there is anything to be done, it is prior to this.  The disciple has to prepare the vessel of the mind to contain what the Guru has to give. Just like when you construct a house, you have to ensure that all the electrical fittings are properly installed and in place.  It is only then that the powerhouse gives the power through the medium of the mechanic.  Similarly, God grants Divine love through the Guru.  This is His eternal law; He cannot give it personally.  Actually, it is not that He is unable to do it, but He has laid down this eternal law and does not ever violate it.  His laws are eternal and irrefutable.


So, who is the Beloved, the treasure house of Divine love?  The Saints.  These Saints are of many kinds.  Let us understand three of them: the gyanisaint, the yogi saint, and the bhakt, or devotee Saint. The gyani saint cannot give you Divine love; he has not attained it himself.  His grace extends only to the granting of liberation.   Neither can the yogi saint give you Divine love. He can grant you various mystic powers – anima, laghima, garima, etc. - which allow you to fly in the sky and assume a thousand bodies, but he cannot give you divine love. 


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