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Dwarka was an ancient kingdom.It was the brainchild of Vasudeva Krishna the great personality of the Dwapara Yuga and one of the most powerful kingdoms in ancient India. The territory of Dwarka included the Dwarka Island, many neighboring islands like the Antar Dwipa and the mainland area neighboring the Anarta Kingdom, making it similar to Greece having many islands and a mainland forming its territory. The kingdom was situated in the north-western region of Gujarat state, India. Its capital was Dwaravati (near Dwarka, Gujarat).It was the capital city of the Yadavas. It was a port-city, having trade relations with many sea-faring nations. The name Dwaraka, in Sanskrit means a gate or a gateway. It could be that this ancient port-city was a gateway for foreign sea-faring kingdoms into the Indian mainland and vice versa.

Dwaraka was a federation of many republics rather than a kingdom under a single king. Ugrasena was venerated as the king of the Dwaraka-confederation, but his position was only titular. Within the Federation of Dwaraka were included the states of Andhakas, Vrishnis and Bhojas. The Yadavas ruling Dwaraka were also known as Dasarhas and Madhus.

1. Vasudeva Krishna
2. Bala Rama
3. Satyaki
4. Kritavarma
5. Uddhava
6. Akrura
7. Ugrasena

were some of the prominent Yadava Chiefs.

Vasudeva Krishna took up his residence in Kusasthali at the city of Dwaraka. Krishna was no ordinary ruler. Kings represented what is grand and powerful in this world. Yet even the finest and most awesome personality is only a small indication of the opulence of the Supreme Lord.

Additionally, business trade with other countries of Indian Ocean and Atlantic was more profitable. Afterwards, the Yadavs of Dwarika established much closer ties with the generations of Anu and Druhu of Gandhar (Afghanistan) state. Third, further promotion of Vaishnav philosophies amongst western regions was made possible through these situational changes. Lord Shree Krishna led the team and states of Yadav, Vrishni, Bhoj and Kukur. Akroor was the lead from Bhoj and Balram was his strong supporter; Ahuk led the Andhak Yadav; Akroor and Ahuk were friends with Shree Krishna.

Though Krishna as Dwarkadheesh enjoys many sporting battles, He has no one to conquer and nothing to achieve, being always complete in Himself. He always knows exactly what to do in His regal duties in relationship to His citizens, ministers, and soldiers. His brows are never furrowed with the anxiety of diplomatic responsibilities.

Though Krishna rules as an adult, He is in fact nava yauvanam, eternally youthful. The king of Dwarka has “all of the beauty of youth made even sweeter by traces of childlike innocence.”

As a ruler, Dwarkadheesh has only the best of motives. His only objective is to defeat demoniac influences and protect His surrendered, pure devotees. His authority is original and inexhaustible. To obey His authority is the primary nature of every living being.

Many amazing battles took place between Krishna and a variety of rival demoniac kings. King Jarasandha, Kamsa’s father-in-law, attacked Dvaraka with numerous military phalanxes consisting of tens of thousands of chariots, horses, elephants, and soldiers. Krishna observed the immense strength of Jarasandha, which looked like an ocean about to cover a beach at any moment. He thought about the situation and His mission to rid the world of demonic influences, so He took this opportunity to face and destroy the military phalanxes.

Subsequently Lord Balarama, Krishna’s brother, arrested Jarasandha. Krishna feigned compassion for Jarasandha and had him released, but He had a plan: Jarasandha would in the future besiege the city of Mathura seventeen times, and each time Krishna and Balarama would be able to destroy hundreds of thousands of demoniac soldiers. Jarasandha himself was eventually defeated in a fight with Krishna’s cousin Bhimasena.

Krishna is not a material person, and His actions are not the activities of this world. God is pure love in the most intimate relationships, such as friend, son, or lover. If the Lord sets aside His kingly worship in awe and reverence for the sake of Vrindavan’s sweet, familiar, and spontaneous love, it is only another example of His transcendent love as the God who is the loyal devotee of His devotees.

Krishna is the original supreme enjoyer. To meditate on Him as the king of kings is solid spiritual nourishment. It helps us understand the unlimited dimensions of pure power and pure love in their original spiritual forms. Dwarkadheesh's pastimes give us transcendental insight into the love, potency, and compassion of the greatest spiritual hero and leader of all eternity.


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