Sarvadharmaan parityajya maamekam sharanam vraja;
Aham tva sarvapaapebhyo mokshayishyami ma suchah.

Abandoning all Ideas of Righteousness, Only take my refuge,
I will deliver you from all reactions of sins, Do not despair.

Now many people always think what does Shri Krishna actually want to convey by preaching this?
Question like these occupies and cluster the mind offen...

1. Shall I Abondon all my duties and become a Sanyasi?
2. Shall I not do any righteous OR evil deed to keep myself away from both Paap (Sins) & Punya (Good Deeds) to attain moksha? And if it is so what should I do then?
3. What is surrender and why is it necessary?
4. How should I completely surrender myself to Lord?
5. Which varna ashram should I enter into..grihastha OR vaanprastha to attain lord?
6. Are my relatives, my job, my friends a hindrance in my way to self surrender to lord?
7. How can I always keep myself in conciousness of lord?

Here Lord Krishna reveals the conclusion to the essence of all knowledge. The most confidential of all knowledge that is confidential.Sarva-dharmaan parityajya means renouncing all conceptions of what one thinks or imagines righteousness (dharma) to be. This does not mean to renounce righteousness, because righteousness to all jivas or embodied beings is always attuned and in harmony with the Supreme Lord. The ultimate goal of all religious and spiritual conceptions is communion with the Supreme Lord Krishna. If it is not so, then all acts of righteousness are either mere hypocricy OR done to gain something big from divinity.

Whether you like it or not whatever is God's plan only that is going to be fulfilled. Man proposes and God disposes. God's will may be against your expectation. If you think that God's will alone shall prevail and hence do not make your own plans whether righteous, nonrighteous OR evil, then it is called as Surrender. Surrender implies making God's will as your own will. You should not possess your own will. You must like whatever God likes and dislike that whatever God dislikes. You don't even know what exists beyond the wall. How can you proceed with logic? You don’t know about your state in the previous birth. You don’t know what is going to happen in the coming future birth. You don’t know what is going to happen in the next one hour. How little are you! What is man's life when compared to eternity? You don’t know when you will expire. You don’t know what is destined for the body you have acquired.

We ask god to help us and remove difficulties from our lives. We pray to god to give us this and give us that…. Why ? Because we do not trust god more than we trust ourself. God is the supreme creator, controller. He is the divine soul who lives in all beings and outside all beings in form of supreme nature.
He knows better what is good for us and what's not. That’s why sometimes he does not always fulfill our wishes and let us suffer for our deeds to make us free from that karma.

In Bhagavad- gita it is stated that material nature is so strong that it cannot be surmounted by an ordinary living entity. Only those who surrender unto the lotus feet of Lord Narayan can cross the ocean of material existence. The living entity forgets that he is eternally the servitor of Supreme Lord and his forgetfulness causes his bondage in conditional life and his attraction for material energy. So, to get rid of this material energy that is bounding you to this material world you have to surrender yourself to the will of lord.

All what is happening is only the result of your deeds. So, let it happen. Do what comes before you keeping in mind the path of righteousness. Perform your day to day duties with righteousness as stated in scriptures but do not linger after the result. All is happening as per the plan of Shri Hari, so there is no point in taking a decision on following grihastha or vaanprastha or sanyas ashram. What ever God has plan will automatically happen to you. Do your best to please the lord. Perform all duties and responsibility of any of the ashram (Grihastha, Vaanprastha OR sanyas) to help the god in fullfilling his divine plan. Do not decide on your own to abandon your household duties and become a sanyaasi. If this is the God's wish then he will automatically make a way for you to become that. If you do it on your own then you may not attain him even after stayig in woods, away from the material world. Remember the case of Rishi bharat. Staying in woods he got attached to the child of a deer and attained the next birth of a deer as in previous birth his attachement with the little deer made him think of it even at the time of his death.

So just perform all your duties and surrender the wish to perform that duty along with the results to the supreme lord. This way you will always remember Lord Narayan while performing your duties.

• While cooking food think, you are cooking for the Lord.
• Serve lord with Naivaidya (food cooked by you, any drink, surrender of fruits of your deeds, yourself). Surrender your feeling of service to lord.
• While paying respect to some one remember Lord is inside the being and pay respect to God residing in the being from your heart. Surrender your feeling of respect t o lord.
• Chant his name whenever you get time and surrender your speech to lord.
• Help a needy thinking the god inside him is knower of the pain that person is going through.
• Giving alms to begger uttering (Om Tat sat). Shri Krishna says in Bhagwat geeta the way to surrender the fruits of giving alms by Uttering Om Tat sat before giving alms. The Supreme Lord Krishna discourses on the modalities of performance of prescribed duties and the activities that are required to be performed by mentioning OM TAT SAT which is veritably the transcendental sound vibration and names of the Supreme Lord in His abstract form. OM reffers to the Pranav (Nirakar Brahma)/ Formless God. TAT means surrendering of all fruits and rewars of work of sacrifice to will of the supreme lord. SAT reffers to the one who is the supeme truth.
• Surrender your time to supreme lord. Think of him and his passtimes like two true lovers continously think of each other. This way your can surrender your mind to god.
• Speak about the passtimes of god and his preachings to whomever possible and surrender your speech to the lord.
• Help the needy and if needed fight to stay on right path and surrender your fear to lord.
• Talk to him , share your feelings , your happiness your problems with him just like you share with your friend.
• Do not expect any thing in return for your love towards god. A real devotee will not ask the Lord even for Mukti. So long as the subtle desire for liberation lingers in one's heart he cannot claim himself to be a true devotee of the Lord. Though the desire for emancipation is of Sattvic nature, yet the devotee has become a slave of Mukti. He is still selfish and so is unfit to call himself a sincere lover of God. He has not yet made total, unreserved self-surrender.

A real devotee never complains anything against God. A raw Bhakta speaks ill of God when he is in distress. He says, "I have done 25 lakhs of Japa. I am studying Bhagavata daily. Yet God is not pleased with me. A real Bhakta rejoices in suffering, pain and destitution. He welcomes grief and sorrow always, so that he may not forget God even for a second. He has the firm belief that God does everything for his good only. Kunti Devi prayed to Krishna: "O Lord! Give me pain always. Then only I will remember Thee always. "

Self-surrender does not mean retirement into the forests. It does not mean giving up of all activities. Tamas or inertia is mistaken for self-surrender. This is a sad mistake. What is wanted is internal surrender. The ego and desire must be annihilated. This will constitute real surrender. The Rajasic mind stands obstinate to effect complete self-surrender. Obstinacy is a great obstacle in surrender. The lower nature again and again raises up to assert itself. There is resurrection of desires. Desires get suppressed for some time. Again they manifest with redoubled force. Man is dragged hither and thither by these desires. Believe in the divine possibilities. Completely dedicate yourself to the Lord. Have full trust in Him.

Look at Prahlada's surrender and faith in God! He completely resigned himself to Lord Hari. No other thought save thoughts of God occupied his mind. He had His full Grace and benediction even though he was ill-treated by his father in a variety of ways. He was hurled down from the top of a cliff. He was trampled by the elephant. He was poisoned. He was thrown into the sea with the legs tied by iron chains. Cobras were thrown over him. His nose was filled with poisonous gases. He was thrown over fire. Boiled oil was poured over his head. Yet his faith in Narayana was not shaken a bit. The Name of Narayana was always on his lips. Such must be the faith of every devotee.

Pray to God fervently, "O Lord! Make my will strong to resist all temptations, to control my Indriyas and lower nature, to change my old evil habits and to make my surrender complete and real. Enthrone Thyself in my heart. Do not leave this place even for a second. Use my body, mind and organs as instruments. Make me fit to dwell in you for ever and to execute your will in best way. Give up all ideas of duty and responsibility. Allow the Divine Will to work unhampered now. This is the secret of surrender. You will feel yourself a changed being. This exalted state is ineffable. A great transformation will come upon you. You will be enveloped by a halo of divine effulgence. You will be drowned in indescribable bliss, peace and joy. Your old little self is dead now. You are now a changed spiritual being. Your individual will is merged in the Cosmic Will. You are now illumined by the Divine Light. All ignorance has melted now.


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