Story Of Businessman : Miracle Of Krishna

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A businessman once decided to go to Banke Bihari Temple with his family, wife and three children. On reaching Mathura, he hired a taxi to go to the temple requesting the driver to go fast as it was almost time for the temple to close. The taxi driver seemed a patient man and took the family to the temple just before the temple doors closed after evening pooja. sensing that the family would not be able to have darshan of Lord Krishna, he agreed to take care of the children and the luggage, while the man and his wife went to the temple to worship. on their return, they were shocked to find the taxi missing from the designated place; his three children and luggage were not to be found. After searching the whole town, the lodged a complaint with the authorities and decided to go back to the temple and pray to the Lord to restore their children back to them. As they were climbing the steps, they bumped into the taxi driver who was rushing into the templetears streaming down his face. when they heard the story that the taxi driver told them, they were dumbstruck.
The taxi driver was a habitual offender, indulging in crimes of theft and kidnapping. On seeing the three children, his mind had already worked out a plan to kidnap and sell them. So, on dropping the man and his wife at the temple, he turned his taxi around and was driving along the Yamuna River out of the town when he was accosted by a strange personality, a dark person who instructed him to go back and return the children to their parents or he would face untold misery, even death. As he struggled with this person, he began to loose his vision and fell down along the path. When he came to his senses, he found his taxi gone along with the children. On realising that the person was none other than Lord Krishna performing one of his devine leeles, the man was filled with shameful remorse and he ran all the way back to Banke Bihari Temple to fall at the feet of the Lord and beg forgiveness.
The businessman came out of the temple to find his children and belongings intact; he realised that even in his unceremonious behaviour of not setting aside enough time to worship Krishna he had committed a blunder. He stayed back in Mathura with his family for several days, making rounds of all the temples there and filling their hearts and mind with the divine spirituat presence of Krishna revelling in singing his praises


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