Uddhav gopi story

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Uddhav gopi story - shri krishna leela : Radhe Radhe,
Gopi explain Uddhav what is love

Uddhav leela is very close to my heart.because it teaches that it is not mind but heart which is required for pure bhakti.

Uddhav ji was son of Vasudev's(Shri Krishna's father) little brother Devbhaag.
After his childhood, Devraj Indra took him to Swarg Lok(Heaven) and Uddav got education from DevGuru Vrihaspati.
After Kansa death, Uddhav Ji returned to Mathura and here he was main minister of Yadav's and became good friends with Shri Krishna.
Uddhav Ji had very good knowlegde of Shastra, Ved etc but he was missing Bhakti(devotion).
He was in the favour of Nirgun Brahman(the supreme reality without form, quality, gender) while Gopis were in favour of pure devotion(shuddh premabhakti).

"Real wise person(ज्ञानी) is that person who loves God without ego or greed(निश्छल और निष्कपट )"

To combine knowledge and Love, Shri Krishna sent Uddhav to Braj Bhumi.
Shri Krishna gave His peetambar and Vaijayanti mala to Uddhav and told Uddhav to meet Gopis in this attire otherwise gopis won't talk to you.
Shri Krishna also sent love message to all brajwaasi(mother, father, gopis etc) that He remembers them a lot.
Krishna instucted Uddav to meet nandbaba and mata yashoda first.

As instructed , Uddhav ji first met with NandBaba and yashoda.
Nandbaba asked about the well being of Krishna.

NandBaba said.."Uddhav ji, We(gop-gwal, birds etc) consider Him(Krishna) everything, does he also remember us?
Sometimes i also feel, he is not in Mathura, but playing in my lap.He is touching my beard. Sometimes i feel, he is sitting on my shoulder touching my hair. i see him everywhere. Uddhav Ji, when will my kanhaiya return? What crime i have done?"
Saying all this, Nandbaba started crying.

Meanwhile Yashoda ji also came there and said-
"Can someone see dreams without sleeping? Sometimes i feel Krishna is in Mathura and sometimes i feel Krishna is in my lap."
Saying all this, Yashoda ji also started crying.

Yashoda ji also said, we pray to Lord Vishnu that wherever kanhaiya live, he should be happy.

Seeing Yashoda and Nandbaba in this state, half of his ego(ego of knowlegde) was destroyed like this.
Uddhav ji started to think, how to teach Yashoda and nandbaba about nirgun brahman knowledge.

"Nirguna means “without attributes”. The term “Nirguna Brahman” implies that God as the Absolute has no name and form or attributes"

It went from evening to morning (3:30am) like this talking about Krishna.
3:30 am is the time of Brahma Muhurta.
Now it was time for Gopis to wake up. They were chanting Shri Krishna name while making butter.
All the sound that was getting created due to making of butter started to sound like dholak(like drum).
It was making a sound like gham-gham.
Their bangles were making sound like chhan-chhan and it started to sound like Majira.
Shri Krishna name chanting and these sounds seemed like sankirtan.

Bhaj Govindam, Bhaj Govindam, Govindam bhaj hare hare,
krishna kanhaiya, bal mukundam, nand kumaram hare hare

It was habit of every Gopi that after completing their household work, they used to come to Nandbaba home and nandbaba ke praangan ko pranaam karna(Obeisance to countryard).
Whether krishna is there or not, it has no meaning for them, they used to come there daily.

On this day, Uddhav ji and Gopis met each other,
Uddhav ji told gopis that he has come here to give message of Krishna to you.
Recognizing peetambar and baijanti mala of krishna , Gopis did praanam(Obeisance) to Uddhav.

Gopis asked-"You have brought the message of which Krishna? Does Krishna live in Mathura only? See there, he is sitting on Kadamb tree playing flute. You see him only in Mathura but we see him everywhere"

Uddhav ji started to give them teaching of Nirgun Brahman.
Gopis said we don't know, what is sagun and what nirgun.
We only know about our love with Krishna.
Now each Gopi narrated their story about how they see Krishna everywhere in their daily life.

Shyam tan, Shyam man, Shyam hi humaro dhan,
aathon yaam humko udho(uddhav) shyam se hi kaam hai,
shyam heeye, shyam jeeye, shyam hi to khaye peeye,
andhe ki si laakdi , aadhar shyam naam hai,

Shyam mati, shyam gati, shyam hi to praan pati,
shyam sukhdaayi so, bhulaayi shobha dhaam hai,
shyaam aan, shyam praan, shyam hi humari shaan,
aadi ant madhya, humara shyamaviram hai.

After listening to each story, Uddhav damned his knowledge.
He thought, i know everything about sagun brahman, but never felt presence of God.
These brajwaasi are illiterate, still they are experiencing omniness of God.
He felt,my dry knowledge is of no use.


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