Sant Kavi Surdas was a 15th century blind....


Sant Kavi Surdas was a 15th century blind saint, poet and musician, known for his devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna.
Surdas was born in the year 1535 in a village named Sihi near Delhi, in a poor Brahmin’s family. Surdas was born blind and because of this he was neglected by his family.

Surdas ji was the Incarnation of Uddhava Ji

In Bhaktamaal granth written by Sri Nabhaswamiji maharaj there is a beautiful prasang of Sri Surdas ji.It is said that once King Akbar summoned Tulsidas ji to show him a miracle. Tulsidas ji refused saying
“ Ek Bharoso Ek Niyam Ek Aas Vishwas,
Ek Ram Ragunath hith Chatak Tulsidas.”
Akbar got angry and imprisoned Tulsidasji. Tulsidasji prayed to Sri Hanumat lal Ji and there was a monkey menace in Delhi and as a result Akbar seek forgiveness from tulsidasji . Tulsidas ji warned Akbar not to test any saint again and to leave delhi as his palace is now a residence of Hanuman ji.

Akbar again asked his minister for finding a Saint who can show him a miracle. Ministers suggested the name of Sri Surdasji. Shri Surdas ji was summoned and thinking that if Akbar comes to Gokul with his army, there will be lot of harm to lives and property, Surdas ji went to Agra . Akbar asked Surdasji to show him a miracle , Surdas ji asked him “Are you not satisfied with Tulsi that you want to test my lord too.” Akbar was shocked how come Surdasji know about Tulsi.

Anyways Akbar still insisted Surdasji to show him a miracle. Surdasji warned him not to regret after the miracle is shown. Akbar agreed saying that he will not regret .

Surdas ji said to Akbar go and check there is a mole on right thigh along with a slight mark of peacock feather on left chick of your princess. Akbar was shocked how come a blind person knows such private things about his princess, yet he decided to check.

Akbar went to his Janani Dyodhi (ladies Palace) and called for his princes. Princess came to his father and asked the reason. Akbar confirmed if there is a mole on right thigh of his princess, The princes agreed he further checked and found the peacock feather mark on left chick too. The princess was amazed why her father is behaving in this manner and asked what the matter is and who told him about the mole?. Akbar narrated entire incidence to the princess. The princess desired to have darshan of the blind saint Surdas to which the Akbar agreed.

The princess went into the court saw Surdasji and said
Princess:- “Udhav tum yaha bhi aaye” (Udhav you came here too?)
Surdas ji replied:- “ Lalite tere pita bulaye” (Lalite your father called me)
Princess Asked:- “ Hain Kaha Shyam Sukhdayi?” ( Where is all blissful shyam?)
Surdasji replied:- “Ab yaad Shyam Ki aayi” ( Now after such a long time you remember lord Shyam Sunder)
Princess laughed and said:- “ Tujhe maar tamacha jao” ( I will slap you and go)
Surdasji replied:- “ Main kuch din peeche aao” (I will come after some days)

Saying this the princess lightly slapped Surdasji and died. Akbar got sad and grieved over princess death. Surdas ji said I warned you not to see a miracle. Akbar after some time asked surdas ji about the conversation between him and the sahajaadi.
Surdas ji said that the pincess was nitya sakhi Lalita of shree shyam sunder. Once favouring swamini ji shree radhikaji’s view she got angry from Shyam Sunder , Kanhaiya sought forgiveness but she didn’t agreed, I (udhav) too went to appease her but she didn’t agreed. I got angry and cursed her to fall down to mirtuloka and she came down as your princess.

As a result of my curse lalita got angry and said that I see difference between her and other sakhis so I be blind and fall down on mirtuloka. On realizing the mistake we started feeling grief over the incident. Shyam sunder than said that it all has occurred on his will because he want Surdasji to come down and sing for him and also blessed lalita that when I (as surdas) will pay her a visit she would be liberated.

Akbar on hearing this gave a farewell to Surdasji and did all the final rites of the princess at the bank of yamunaji with hindu rites.

As per Bhakta mala granth of Sri Nabhaswami Surdas ji is an incarnation of Udhava and that why Rahim ji has called Surdas ji as Sun of poets since in a prasang when Rahimji asked Tulsidasji who is a great poet you or Surdasji , Shri Tulsidasji said its Shri Surdasji beacuse he writes what he has seen from eyes (being Udhav) while i Tulsidas write what i have herd from others.


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